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Parent Pavilion
Sponsorship Opportunities:
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Media Options:
All Zones and Baby Comfort Stations offer digital media display options. These can be used by the sponsor, sold for additional sources of revenue, or a combination of the two. We recommend selling at least 10 spots per unit at a minimum of $100.00 each. Peak hours and the number of displays can be integrated into the pricing.

The Cotton Candy Experience

This isn't your parents cotton candy. We start by making our cotton candy flavors from unrefined organic sugar, making it friendly even to diabetics. Our basic flavors use only organic and natural flavors and colors. Then, to take it to a whole new level, we add a variety of natural and artificial toppings to create flavors rarely seen in the cotton candy world. From chocolate covered strawberry and carmel apple to chocolate cream and coffee latte, our flavors are a whole new twist on our favorite sweet. We even offer pop rocks and reusable glo-cones, making our cotton candy not just a treat, butan experience!

See us at your local fairs and events, or bring us to your parties and weddings, we”re here to make everything more fun! Party packages available.

We strive to make the world not only sweeter, but better everyday. In order to be more environmental friendly we offer bamboo cotton candy sticks. Standard cotton candy cones can use up to 3 gallons of water during creation, while bamboo uses only the rainwater used to grow it, and is fully and naturally renewable.

For pricing contact us directly at thecottoncandyexperience@festivalfeatures.com or call us at



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